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Dark or Light Theme toggle. Howdy, Stranger! It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Sign In Register. TheScavenger Member Epic Posts: 3, January in Black Desert Online. Its open world pvp at a certain level However Never once been killed in PvP, but maybe thats cause I don't farm the popular areas.

But some people make it out they are killed everywhere all the time. But I usually run all over the map exploring and doing random stuff and still never get killed lol. If I see someone farming somewhere, I farm the same area but I don't take his farm spot But then if you get killed Even I, the most care of carebears, an ultimate ultra carebear, the best carebear, no one is a better carebear than I am believe me I know what is best about being a carebear, I have a bigger carebear rainbow button than any other carebear, in fact my worst enemy has the tiniest carebear rainbow button that doesn't even work, mine actually works, enjoys BDO PvP lol.

January edited January You havent run across a perma negative karma character who will kill you over and over again until you leave the area or change the channel. Its a real problem. Dragnelus Member Epic Posts: 3, January Renoaku Member Epic Posts: 3,In BDO, gear is king!

It's hard to figure out what's the best upgrade for your class, so we made detailed stats tables for each item. Sure, bddatabase. My aim with this article, is to create an easy reference to all the armor sets in Black Desert Online, so that new players and veterans alike, can come back to check on some stats, vision their gear, or learn the core differences between each chest, helmet, glove or shoe.

You can check a similar guide for accessories here. If you are new to the game, make sure to also check out our enhancing guide for BDOsince it covers everything you need to know about taking your gear to the next level! However, the effects are quite weak for justifying using it. Steel Taritas is completely identical to Taritas, only lighter and more durable.

BDO Valkyrie Guide – Everything You Need To Know

This makes it more expensive, as it can be used for building faster enhancement failstacks than its other green counterparts. Closing the green gear chapter, we have Zereth Armor, an option similar to Taritas, this time focusing more on faster grinding. Both sets ARE a way more expensive option than green gear, and they will set you back on your boss-gear acquirementmake no mistake about that, and judge for yourself. This is the dream. These items are also hard to acquire, so you better save them up until you can spend them on your boss gear.

And I mean that literally, since the preorders for a 0 level Dim Tree reach as much as million silver most boss-gear items go for roughly million, and preorder.

Oh will we ever learn what the devs are thinking…. Last but not least, we have the boss-shoes, where the gap between the items drives a different playstyle. You will have to judge for yourself. You have been warned. A pretty good tactic if you want to farm boss gear yourself, is to set up an alt in between the markers below:. Boss-Gear Farming. It's not the best questing experience - like Terrible for some - Life for others - it's definitely the There is no doubt that training can be interesting Can you link me to a page from bdo planner where I can see all the information of this article on one page?

Thank you for putting this together. I find this much more convenient to give to people than a full gear planner setup. It makes comparison much easier. This is great!! Cheers mate!

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I am actually! It is interesting indeed to include a section with all the NPC armor pieces, I will schedule that for when I get the spare time! For example, check out the Grunil Armor page.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sign in. Log into your account. Privacy Policy. Password recovery.Dying within the world of Black Desert like many games is designed to incur a form of penalty to provide players with a sense of concern over risking death. Should a player fall on the battlefield there are a series of potential risks depending on the circumstances in which the death occurred.

Evil Explorers - Known as Outlaws in the desert, player characters who have negative Karma and become evil suffer the biggest penalties: Combat EXP loss and shattering of magic crystals from both being defeated by both monsters and players, dropping gear enhancement level by dying to monsters, and randomized respawn location within region of death.

Should you succumb to death in combat, you are presented with several options in which you can choose to resurrect:. Instant Resurrection - If you posses Elion's Tear you may utilize this option to resurrect exactly where you have fallen, except in occupied areas such as sieges, and underwater. Resurrect at the closest Node - Often the easiest method to returning to where you died, is selecting the nearest node to your death point that you've unlocked.

A character with negative karma can be resurrected in an unexplored node, or randomly resurrected in 1 out of the 3 closest nodes. If there are no nodes nearby, this menu might not become available. Resurrect at the closest Town - This method will place you at the nearest town to your death point, in some cases this is best when you've died in a difficult location. If there is no town that has been discovered in the territory, you will be resurrected from the closest town possible.

The player character karma goes down if you do some actions such as stealing, PK Player Killing other adventurers with PvP deactivated, or kill protected fauna such as horses. Karma goes up if you defeat monsters. If you are attacked while PvP is activated and attack them back and defeat them, it is considered self-defense so it does not influence your karma. If you attack someone first, while your PvP is activated the karma will be decreased by 10, and if you defeat that personmore karma will decrease.

Attacked in Safe Zone - An adventurer with negative karma can be attacked within Safe Zones such as towns, and gets death penalty upon dying. More crystals of equipment get destroyed and enhancement level may go down only by dying to monsters. Note: Remember that while in the desert, negative karma characters won't lose magic crystals and their Combat EXP won't decrease after being defeated by other players, and their gear enhancement level won't go down from dying to monsters.

The guards walk around the town border as well as inside, so it will be difficult to use the town normally. The guards won't attack you in Muiquun.

Jump to: navigationsearch. Dying falls into a few categories with their own set of penalties: PvE - Deaths as a result of PvE incur a loss of Combat EXP and the potential for magic crystals to break. Remember, there is always a chance of losing trade items regardless of Karma or location.Welcome to our BDO Valkyrie guide!

In a nutshell though, Valkyrie is still one of the top classes in the game. This is all up to personal preference and is by no means necessary. Skill add-ons are a useful way to buff yourself up just that tiny bit more. There are a few must have add-ons as well as others that are just personal choice. Note: Skill add-ons do not work on flows of skills. Another thing to know about skill-addons, is the way they stack. The general rule for this, is that same type add-ons do not stack.

Instead, they either get ignored or overwritten depending on the condition. Add-ons with the same effect, but different description, do stack. For example, bleeding can be applied twice on your target. Once from a skill and once from an add-on, in this case they do stack. Self-buffing is what you want to do once you reach end game.

Below are just a few popular suggestions:. Rabam skills are two sets of skills that you unlock at levels 56 and 57 respectively.

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The basic idea behind it, is that you combine 2 pre-awakening skills into a single, powerful skill. Acquiring Rabam skills does not require additional skill points, but you must have the maximum base skill already if you want to use them.

Black Desert Online - Witch PVE Guide 2020 // Kratuga

Combing the 2 skills will also not take away the ability to use the skills separately. Both options at 56 are appealing and useful. It is up to personal preference which one you want to take.

Generally people will recommend you take Celestial Cry if you are a newer player and try out Celestial Smite at a later stage of the game. The introduction of absolute skills, was another attempt of Pearl Abyss to try to get people to make more use of their Pre-Awakening kit and it a quite successful attempt!

Valkyrie has quite a few absolute skills that are useful in both the utility department, as the damage department. Buffing up for PVE varies from which location you will be grinding at, as well as what your goal of the grinding by itself is.Welcome to the complete BDO Wizard guide! This article is aimed at helping the Wizarding community from beginners all the way to the more experienced players. The following skills below should be attempted to be maxed out first Absolute is not required to maximise grinding efficiency.

The skills are ranked from most to least important and will be separated between Active and Passive skills. Helps your sustain while grinding without using too many pots!

Fireball Explosion — The proceeding skill after fireball, this skill does decent damage early on and especially after you rank it up. Chain lightning — Relatively strong skill for beginner grind spots, you can choose to just stay on your horse and go around chain lightning mobs for maximum grind efficiency!

Death Penalty

Does drain a decent amount of Stamina however. Healing Lighthouse — Your channeled AOE heal, the heal has three ticks so it will heal you three times. The cast speed is especially important as it allows you to grind faster. Meteor — A really strong skill which does alot of damage, has long range and AOE, however is on a relatively long CD which is why the skills is further down the list of priorities.

It is a good grinding skill earlier on as well due to these factors. Residual lightning — Residual lightning is similar to fireball explosion in terms of the proceeding skill after wards, the animation time for residual lightning is a bit long however does do decent damage.

Extremely strong large scale heal which can potentially turn the tide of a fight. Personally I feel like I cannot play Wizard without this skill.

People less educated may also refer to this skill as Rabam Selfish. Trembling Thunder — Combination of chain lightning and earthquake, have not used this skill previously on Wizard, however the slow is relatively strong in certain scenarios, especially in large scale PvP and certain 1v1 matchups. Activated by pressing RMB while using the skill. In my opinion, relatively useless skill.

Relatively decent skill while being used on a choke, does decent damage however relatively difficult to pull off due to its long cast time.

Launches multiple meteors from the sky which stiffen on contact and KD on land, can net you a lot of kills however you can be caught off relatively easy while using this skill. PA — Protected Areayour strongest large scale skill. This makes you basically invulnerable against all forms of damage, however you can still be CCed.

Teleport — Your primary engage skill, can close a large amount of distance in a short period of time.

bdo pve crystals

It is also an iframe so you will be invulnerable to all forms of damage and CC while using this skill, however you may sometimes be CCed at the start of the teleport animation.Toggle navigation. Sign In. Our team will continue to work to counteract this.

We apologize for the issues, and thank you for sticking with us. They will be reenabled following a future fix. Thank you for understanding. So far I have leveled characters mostly with pounding x3 and carving or something else; DPS seemed fine. What are your thoughts on crystals for leveling up the Valkyrie and why?

April edited April April For mob pulling without a tank while leveling. Double Pounding, Wrathful, and Focused. If you're leveling with a tank, then you should always been using Pounding, Savage, Bitter, and Focused. Carving doesn't make too much of a difference thanks to Avatar weapon crits and it isn't worth losing the damage from a Pounding crystal.

bdo pve crystals

Just make sure you keep your avatar weapon up-to-date. You would ask. Why this weird setup where you aren't here nor there? It depends on how often you can keep your backtime. Pounding at low levels doesn't give much, the Crit Power crystals give way more than Pounding. This setup will guarentee good dps regardless of where you are positioned.

bdo pve crystals

Do note that Wrathful will not stack with Spiteful on side crits. People can argue that they got away with Pounding x4 while levelling in the past, but if you are doing dungeons Pounding will get you absolutely nowhere.

The only exemption is if you are playing a Tank, that way it is way easier to go Wrathful Focused Forceful Pounding. The game will give you free crystals bitter, focused, savage, carving. Crystal merchant will sell fine crystals.

Popular skill builds

Lvl requirements for crystals were changed cruxes are for lvl 55 etc. You can have Wrathful and Carving if there is no real tank or doing solo stuff.

Thanks for the replies As a new player Focused always make me wonder, do boss enrage long enough to be worth it on lower levels? For mobs: Focused, Wrathful, Pounding x2. For bosses, standard: Focused, Savage, Bitter, Pounding. You can tell because most of them get an absurd amount of speed and that's usually when they start catching up with you. Since their HP amount is very low they're likely to enrage after the first hit they receive. Another perk of Focused, since mob fights are by nature much shorter, you virtually always have your Focused increase.

Sign In or Register to comment. You will be signed out in 60 seconds due to inactivity. Click here to continue using the site.Witch and Wizard are bursty AoE classes. Witch and Wizard are strong in group fights, where AoEs do a lot of damage, and super armor protects us from incoming hits.

In a 1v1, we can excel, but not as easily as other classes. We have high accuracy and damage on skills, but that is mostly because late game flows basically add double damage to skills. The high accuracy and damage on skills allows us more flexibility for other builds compared to other classes, but we still need AP need to deal damage.

I personally feel that Witch and Wizards, are low skill floor, yet high skill ceiling class. Big damage in awakening stance, and big heals in staff stance. Everyone is under the impression that mages are overpowered, and will beeline for you during a group fight at the first possible moment.

The heals and damage reduction buffs turn the tides of battle, and our large area spells deal massive damage to the enemies on the field. Mages are highly sought after in large siege guilds, and small nodewar guilds alike. In the end, the mages are what you make them. My current choice, the wizard, has fit both of these roles for me, with my only gripe being the ridiculous amount of effort I have to put in to be competitive in 1v1 scenarios.

Grim dawn crucible leveling

Then you can start thinking about different offhands and alternative builds. With the new addition of 10s elixir cd, some more stats can made up with elixirs without having to micromanage elixirs as much. It is still more work to keep up however.

As you move towards the right, you gain more freedom to switch up crystals. The legend for some abbreviations is under the chart. For the hipster in you, here is a wall of text about pros and cons for various gear builds people have asked about.

Lots of new information has come out in the last few months such as hidden evasion and DR, 2 piece set bonus conversion for Grunil and Rocaba, and new boss gear. So far, no one has tested and published data between the two it would be very hard to test a difference. Like green helmets, Rocaba helmet itself has more evasion than Giath.

As a 2-piece set bonus, you supposedly gain 20 evasion information from the datamine. In total you gain more evasion compared to just boss armor. If you swap other boss armor for the 2nd Rocaba piece, you will be losing evasion and DR as well. It is actually very similar to Red Nose vs Dim Tree Armor, with testing differences showing similar numbers to the HP difference between the two armors.

Pre-awakening skill basics: Translated from Inven.

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Another Guide about Skills and other stuff: For Wizard. These are general barebones skill builds. You get free skill resets before 56, and one more right after awakening.

The trees might vary for you, due to new exp buffs without skill exp buffs. Use these as a general idea. Witch Awakening Skill Explanation and Tips youtube. Absolute skills are an extra level on top of unawakened staff skills. They require that you completely max out the unawakened skill before taking the absolute skill. You should not be taking absolute skills unless you are level 60 or even 61 and have at least SP.

Awakened skills will do more DPS and are much safer to use than a slower but strong unawakened skill, so you will need to max awakened skills first.

Skill builds are listed in the skill builds section.

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