Ferrule pool cue

Pool cues need to be in the best shape possible if you're going to be solid in your game. If the ferrule is broken or split, it will affect your shots dramatically. Keep the ferrule as clean as possible. As you use it, dirt, chalk and other substances will build up on it. Clean it by wiping it down with a wet cloth and drying it thoroughly. This will extend the life span of the pool cue and improve your game.

Replace the ferrule if there is a split down the side and a tenon running right through the center of it.

Handmade lathe for installation cue tips and ferrule (prototype)

Use a lathe or a pair of pliers to remove the ferrule. Squeeze the split on the opposite side and move it around to remove it. Just be careful not to damage the wooden tenon in the middle of the cue stick. If you twist too hard, you might twist off the tenon, too. Find a replacement ferrule that fits the same way as your broken one. This can be hard because some ferrules are threaded and some aren't. Also, some pool stick tenons are thick, some are thinner.

Look online for a match. Realize that if the shaft has been sanded frequently over time, you may not be able to get a ferrule that fits it perfectly.

ferrule pool cue

Glue an oversize ferrule into place. Turn it down with a lathe or an old fashioned ferrule turning machine until it's the exact right diameter. Find a good pool cue repair person in your area. This article was written by a professional writer, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more, see our about us page: link below. By: Contributor Updated April 12, Share It.

Things You'll Need. About the Author. Photo Credits.The main purpose for the ferrule is to protect the wood on the end of the shaft. A ferule does allow one to change the tip without damaging the shaft wood, and it might help distribute the impact forces to the shaft during tip impact.

Snapshot® Premium Metal Cue Stick Ferrules

A smaller and lighter ferrule results in less squirt since the ferrule material is typically heavier than wood. Same as any other ring work. Chalk pre-dates the tip which means shafts were subject to split ends and needed protection or repair. With a tip and pad, no ferrule is needed. Ferrules can be lighter than the wood, heavier than the wood, stronger than the wood, weaker than the wood, stiffer than the wood, more flexible than the wood, on and on.

In addition the adhesive use to hold the ferrule on may offset the tiny difference in weight savings of some ferrules.

ferrule pool cue

The ferrule was developed long before we had the quality adhesives that we have now. The pads we use now serve the same purpose the ferule once did, to keep the wood from splintering. Note that ivory ferules normally have a pad installed to prevent them from splintering. Ferrules are decorative, they may help us aim by giving us an easier to see point to focus on, and they can be chosen to serve a purpose, mostly giving a softer hit.

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What the hard ferrule may do is change the sound of the hit a little. Dave keeps this site commercial free, with no ads. If you appreciate the free resourcesplease consider making a one-time or monthly donation to show your support :. Skip to content What is the purpose for the ferrule? If you appreciate the free resourcesplease consider making a one-time or monthly donation to show your support : Show Your Support with a Donation. Close Menu.Maintaining the Ferrule and Pool Cue Tip: Over time, chalk, dirt, and other foreign substances can build up on the ferrule and over time, will embed on your pool cue like a tar substance.

Cleaning the ferrule and tip of your pool cue regularly, by simply wiping it down ensuring that you fully dry it off can help to prevent this buildup from occurring. This will make for a smoother, cleaner, and better playing shaft, which can only serve to improve your game, and extend the pool cue's life span. The actual pool cue tip is also very important to keep clean.

It's cleanliness will affect backspin, accuracy, touch, smoothness of stroke, and precision of each and every shot that you take. When the pool cue is not in use, it should be maintained by by protecting the cue's tip from any foreign dings, scrapes, gouges, or anything else that may otherwise be of potential danger.

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This can be achieved by placing it in a cue case, or ensuring it's safe return to the pool cue rack. Finally, you must remember that the tip itself should always be covered when not in play.

Pool Cue Review.

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Print Email.Well today is your lucky day! Today we are going to learn how to install a new tip on your cue using the Tweeten Cue Tip Repair Kit. This is something every pool player should know. The picture below shows our poor, worn out tip.

This tip is pretty low and in danger of being both detrimental to your game and possibly even damaging your ferrule. The first step is to remove the old tip. Try and get as close to the ferrule as you can. This may take a few passes with the razor blade.

Pool Cue Repair

Just take your time and slowly remove any leather and excess glue as seen in the sequence below. Once you are satisfied with your job removing the old tip you need to make sure the top of the ferrule is clean and as flat as possible. To do this you will now use the rapid top sander included in the repair kit. Just place the shaft against the guide as shown in the following pictures and rotate until any leftover dirt and glue are removed from the top of the ferrule.

How do I remove a cue ferrule without damaging it?

Be sure to keep the sander nice and level. Preparing the tip is the next step in the process. To do this, take your favorite tip and use a piece of sandpaper to rough up the glue side of the leather.

ferrule pool cue

I do this by laying the sand paper on a flat surface to make sure as I sand the back of the tip I keep it perfectly flat and level. Sand the tip until it is nice and rough.

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It is important to make sure the tip is roughed up so the glue has something to adhere to. Apply the supplied tip cement or your favorite adhesive I also recommend any type of gel super glue to the tip.

In the following sequenceyou will see the next step is to place the tip on the ferrule.No matter, I stroke that part of the shaft directly into the contact point on the object ball. If I must apply any english sidespin I merely move my stick parallel to my original aim and I still shoot that part of the stick into the contact point on the object ball.

ferrule pool cue

No twisting or pivoting or anything else. Because of its fixed width, the edge of a centered shaft points directly at the OB contact point for only one cut angle. For a Stick Aiming is done by learning how the edge of your stick lines up compared to the OB contact point for different cut angles and recreating the correct alignment from memory for each shot that comes up.

Squirt actually makes the situation worse by deflecting the CB away from the necessary ghost-ball position, but swerve helps counteract this. Find the intended contact point on the object ball OB. For a cut shot to the left with no english, point the cue stick through the center of the cue ball CB with the left edge of the ferrule aimed at the contact point. For a cut shot to the right with no english, point the cue stick through the center of the CB with the right edge of the ferrule aimed at the contact point.

Stroke straight back and through on this aiming line. What follows are eight pictures. It has a clear line separating the two colors.

I aligned this separation line vertically and pointing at a corner pocket. I placed this OB frozen to a CB that is on the head spot. So the necessary contact point ignoring cut-induced throw is on the equator of the OB on that vertical line where red meets black.

The eight pictures below are the following all cut shots are to the left :. Picture 1. The CB on the spot and the OB frozen to it, with the line of centers pointed at a corner pocket. Picture 2. The CB removed and the OB left in place.

To make the shot without english and ignoring throw, the CB must pass over the center of the white dot in the middle of the black spot i. Pictures 3 through 8.Selected from the finest quality pig skins in the world, each layer is carefully selected and split.

From these splits only the ten most even and durable layers are chosen. This helps create the degree radial consistency players want. Each Everest Laminated Cue Tip is individually tested for consistency, hardness, and quality. This cue tip shapes like a hard tip, hits like a medium tip and has the control like a soft tip.

It features a red replacement indicator layer and is classified as medium hardness. Cuetec and Tiger equal championship results.

How to Replace a Pool Cue Ferrule

The Deluxe pressed brown leather tip used on the Cuetec Recreational Series cues offers high quality and consistent play. It is pressed out of the highest quality cowhides to provide long life, consistency, and durability. It is of medium hardness to provide the versatility for any shot.

The pool cue ferrules on the R series are made of the highest quality ABS material for the ultimate transfer of energy from the tip down the length of the shaft. The tip, ferrule, and shaft combine to virtually eliminate deflection and provide complete degree radial consistency making R the most naturally accurate cue made today costing hundreds less than cues in its category.

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The ferrules for the Professional and Recreational Fiberglass cues are made of strong and durable Polycarbonate material. They transfer energy from the tip to the fiberglass coated shaft smoothly and consistently while standing up to the rigors of all shots. Recreational series Polycarbonate ferrule Deluxe brown leather tip. Professional series Polycarbonate ferrule Tiger Everest tip. Recreational series Polycarbonate ferrule Deluxe brown leather tip Professional series Polycarbonate ferrule Tiger Everest tip.JavaScript is disabled on this browser, For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript.

Don't know how to enable JavaScript? Cart is empty. For over 10 years Seybert's Billiard Supply has lead the industry with competitive prices and fast turn with each repair or customization. The only limitation is your imagination. No items found Would you like to continue shopping or view our site map? Site Map Go to home page.

I will say this, I am a difficult person to work w Newsletter Signup. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use of any images, thumbnails, illustrations, descriptions, article content, or trademarks of Invis, Inc. Seybert's Billiard Supply offers custom cue and shaft repair as well as many cue customizations to fit your playing style. Call toll free today for a custom quote - or Install new tip with purchase of tip 1 to 2 days completion time. Send in your cue along with a detailed note stating your name, address, phone number and details of the work you want done to the address below.

Once we receive your package someone will call you to get your method of payment and ask any further questions about the work that need done.

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