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Sign In. Edit Fauda —. Doron Kavillio 36 episodes, Itzik Cohen Gabi 'Captain Eyov' 36 episodes, Neta Garty Gali Kavillio 36 episodes, Rona-Lee Shim'on Nurit 36 episodes, Boaz Konforty Avichay 36 episodes, Doron Ben-David Eli 26 episodes, Jonathan Avigdori 26 episodes, Shadi Mar'i Shirin El Abed 24 episodes, Idan Amedi Sagi 24 episodes, Tsahi Halevi Naor 24 episodes, Shani Atias Gali 24 episodes, Matt Gottlieb Sagi 24 episodes, Jameel Khoury Abu Smara 16 episodes, Yuval Segal Mickey Moreno 13 episodes, Mel Malka Ido Kavillio 13 episodes, Hisham Suliman Nidal 'El Makdessi' 12 episodes, Ala Dakka Bashar Hamdan 12 episodes, Igal Naor Amos Kavillio 12 episodes, Marina Maximilian Blumin Hila Bashan 12 episodes, Khalifa Natour Jihad Hamdan 12 episodes, Hanan Hillo Nasrin Hamed 12 episodes, George Iskandar Abu Muhamad 12 episodes, Tomer Capon Boaz 12 episodes, Qader Harini Abu Maher 12 episodes, Ian Fisher Actor 12 episodes, Meirav Shirom Dana 11 episodes, Rotem Keinan Casspi 11 episodes, Amir Khoury Samir 10 episodes, Reef NeemanThe series premiered on February 15, It tells the story of Doron, a commander in the Mista'arvim unit and his team as they pursue a Hamas arch-terrorist known as "The Panther.

The first season was filmed in Kafr Qasim during Israel—Gaza conflict.

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It premiered on February 15, The third season takes place in the Gaza Strip. It aired in and Eighteen months prior to the start of the show, the Israeli soldier Doron and his unit were credited with killing the terrorist Taufiq Hammed. Following this, Doron retires from service in order to grow a vineyard. At the beginning of season 1 Doron is visited by Moreno, the commander of his old unit, who informs him that Taufiq Hammed is still alive and plans to attend his brother Bashir's wedding.

Doron rejoins his team in order to go undercover at the wedding. Ultimately they are discovered and Bashir is killed, moments before Taufiq is to arrive. Although Doron is able to shoot Taufiq, and injures him, Taufiq escapes. Taufiq barely survives the gunshot wound and is forced to have secret emergency surgery so as to not reveal that he is alive or where he is.

Doron convinces Moreno to allow him to stay on with the unit until they catch Taufiq.

Israeli Drama ‘Fauda’ Draws Viewers From Across the Political Spectrum

Bashir's family all mourn him as a shahid martyr and his wife, Amal, vows revenge. Taufiq's right-hand man, Walid, convinces his cousin Shirin to help Taufiq escape from the hospital minutes before Doron's team arrives. Amal, distraught over Bashir's death, volunteers to bomb a nightclub which Boaz, Doron's brother-in-law and a member of his unit, frequents. This will ensure that the Israelis get the message that it is revenge on Boaz for the killing of Bashir.

The plan is for Amal to arm the bomb in her purse and then leave the club three minutes before its detonation. However, Amal decides to stay and die in the explosion. Boaz regains consciousness following the blast and finds his girlfriend's body. Boaz does not handle the discovery well, and after getting pulled over, physically assaults the police and ends up in jail. While on a mission, Boaz gets captured and is held hostage by Hamas.

Doron and his team decide to prepare an unapproved mission to kidnap Taufiq's friend Sheikh Awadalla in an attempt to get Boaz back. When Doron finds out that Taufiq had a bomb implanted inside of Boaz, the team kidnap Taufiq's daughter to use as additional leverage. Ultimately Boaz and the Sheikh both get blown up, and Taufiq's daughter gets badly injured.

index of fauda s1

Doron, still undercover, interviews for a position to be a shahid for Taufiq, a role which he ultimately gets recruited for. Taufiq reveals his plan to Walid: they received sarin nerve gas that will be detonated in the synagogue, which will cause Israel to retaliate with force, committing war crimes and forcing other Islamic states to respond.

Walid eventually discovers Doron's true identity and orders Doron to be killed, however the rest of the unit shows up just in time to kill everyone who was watching him.

Walid shows the proof to Taufiq and then shoots him in the back of the head. Portrayed by Lior Raz. Doron is married to Gali, and has a son, Ido, and a daughter, Noga. Gali, behind Doron's back, has been having an affair with a fellow member of his unit, Naor. After Boaz's girlfriend gets killed, Doron wants to try and keep Boaz out of the field for his own safety. After Boaz's bomb is detonated Doron begins to wander the streets aimlessly, before taking shelter in a mosque. Doron, just prior to shooting the person sent to kill Shirin, finds out from him that Taufiq is looking for a man to be a shahid.A drama centered on the personal and professional lives of five surgical interns and their supervisors.

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One day, she was kidnapped by Yung Ronald Chenga …. A link in their pasts leads an honest cop to a fugitive gang boss, whose cryptic warning spurs the officer on a quest to save Mumbai from cataclysm.By Malina Saval. Associate Editor, Features. Critics would write about it, they figured, but nobody would actually like the show.

After all, this was a TV series in which an elite undercover operative unit in the Israeli army infiltrates the West Bank to catch a Palestinian terrorist. Palestinians are shown doing unconscionably horrible things — but so are Israelis.

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If anything, they anticipated that Israeli audiences, vociferously divided on myriad political and cultural fronts, would hate the show with an unbridled passion. The left-wing newspapers, the right-wing newspapers — everyone was glorifying it. Outside Israel, critics were equally dazzled. It did not disappoint. The show went on to sweep the Ophir Awards the Israeli version of the Emmys and Oscars rolled into one with a record-breaking 11 wins.

index of fauda s1

Raz can no longer walk down the streets of Tel Aviv without screaming fans clamoring for a selfie. He readily obliges, he says, because he remembers what it was like to be a young boy angling for an autograph from one of his favorite Israeli soccer stars. If we need to torture someone in an episode, we need to torture someone; if we need to kill someone, we need to kill someone.

Episode List

Me personally? I am pro two-state.

index of fauda s1

There are only five networks in Israel, and when Raz and Issacharoff first pitched the series, three of them — Keshet, Reshet and Channel 10 — passed. The fourth, Yes, eventually bought the show, but it was anxious about the outcome. Season 2 takes these fiery dynamics to the next level, with even more questions about the ever-persistent Israeli-Palestinian crisis, about land rights, about peoplehood.

index of fauda s1

Season 2 is also more focused on interpersonal relationships and emotional journeys the characters are going through, notes Raz. We dig deeper into the inner lives of the terrorists. We meet their pregnant wives, their children — agonizing embodiments of both innocence and evil, brainwashed by the time they enter school. Through Amos, we get a deeper sense of what drives Doron and what makes him tick. They have the same mustache. They both speak Arabic. The have the same words and the same mannerisms.

I would watch him try to imitate me — how I throw my cigarette, how I smoke — and he would do the same exact movements as I did. He became like my real father. But the series has yielded weightier results as well. Home TV Features.

Series Cast & Crew

May 23, am PT. See All. More From Our Brands.The action and the interplay among the team members have a down-and-dirty credibility, and the plot twists, while convoluted, are plausibly so. Most of the actors are capable, and the show deftly mixes emotional extremity with speedy, nonchalant storytelling.

Raz, Mr. The sameness sets in right away: A terrorist known as al-Makdasi Firas Nassar who had been in Syria appears in the West Bank, echoing the reappearance of a terrorist thought dead at the beginning of Season 1. In each case, the sudden arrival spurs a season-long hunting expedition.

Another problem is one of the changes that was made. Season 1 was driven by the visceral desire of the Israeli operative Doron Mr. Raz to atone for his failure to take out his target the first time around. For Season 2 the creators decided to engage more closely with current events, making al-Makdasi an ISIS follower who wants to give the Islamic State a foothold in the occupied territories, and Israel, at the expense of Hamas.

This gives him a second motivation, along with revenge against Doron, who killed his father. The imperviousness of Doron and al-Makdasi to reason or compromise provides the emotional core, while the lies, machinations and sellouts of others provide the narrative engine.

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His defining trait, and the one Mr. Raz plays best, is his sour, surly implacability. He also lies to and ruthlessly manipulates his Palestinian lover, a messy, depressing part of the story that is potentially interesting but mostly just sits there. That, along with the different weights given to the deaths of Palestinian and Israeli characters, can affect your response to the series.

Rav and Mr.

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Netflix has the money. Is it talking to any filmmakers in Gaza or the West Bank? Home Page World U.Which show I watch depends on whatever Netflix has on offer at the time. My last couple of Ramadans have involved reruns of The Office and Frasier.

Arabic-speaking soldiers pose as Palestinian civilians to apprehend suspected terrorists in the West Bank. First broadcast in Israel inthe show gained international acclaim when it made its Netflix debut a year later. These questions were at the back of my mind as I made my way through the first and second seasons.

My impulse was to respond defensively. I understood where she was coming from. After all, our friendship was born out of our common heritage. We met in Bethlehem in July and spent much of that summer touring Israel and the Palestinian territories, witnessing the ways two peoples who live side by side though rarely together can experience diametrically opposed realities.

On one side, we saw a people governed by laws and regulations; on the other, we saw people—some of them our own relatives—whose lives were ruled by soldiers and checkpoints.

On one side, we met people who lived in coastal cities such as Jaffa and Acre; on the other, we met people who had only ever dreamed of seeing the sea.

Many Palestinians would disagree on political grounds with my decision to watch Fauda. In fact, some have called for a boycott of the show. The show depicts an elderly woman being stopped at one of the many military checkpoints around and within the West Bank, where an armed Israeli soldier rummages through her bags. It also shows Israeli soldiers trashing and seizing property from a Palestinian home during a raid.

These are the daily, almost mundane, images of occupation that linger in the background of Fauda. Then there are the more brutal depictions. But watching this show, set in this context, I found it difficult to see these nameless and dialogueless characters and not think of the real people dying on the ground.

More than Palestinians are estimated to have been killed by Israeli forces since protests at the Israel—Gaza border began, in March. Just last Friday, Razan al-Najjar, a year-old volunteer medic, was shot dead near the border.

I watched because I wanted to see how a show lauded in some quarters for its evenhanded portrayal of the Israeli—Palestinian conflict depicts the players on either side of it, including Hamas. Perhaps more than anything, I watched the show because of what it made me miss.

It made me feel closer to my ancestral home, even while depicting scenes of violence within it. And the scenes of violence are intense. My mom generally hates watching violence. That this was Israeli violence against Palestinians made it even worse, and from her perspective belittled the lives of those portrayed. When I asked him about criticism that the show overwhelmingly favors the Israeli viewpoint, he pointed out that Fauda never purported to give a Palestinian perspective.

But at the end of the day, we are not Palestinians. Though Palestinian characters do feature heavily in the series, many of their stories are told only in relation to Doron.

The show also highlights the inherent power imbalances between Israelis and Palestinians, perhaps best showcased in the romantic relationship between Doron and Shirin.

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All they care about is having each other, having a chance to live their life, having the chance to raise their baby together. Mansour told me she has gotten responses for her involvement in Faudawhich she and her Palestinian co-stars expected.

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