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This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. Welcome to MineSaga, a Survival PvE server with huge modification allowing a more immersive, challenging and thrilling experience. Find out exactly what Minecraft has been missing all these years, and experience a professionally ran Minecraft server with a staff team dedicated to making your experience better.

This page is in read-only mode. Please click here to learn more. MineSaga keeps the core features of Minecraft.

minesaga wiki

You will be playing Minecraft, with a huge addition to gameplay. Economy is always a huge part of a lot of servers.

Players want to become rich on the server for status and wealth. The problem is, most servers allow their donators to completely break the economy. The economy currency is zeny, and it can be earned by all. With a generator of prefixes, suffixes and enchantments, items are always unique to their owner. Some items have many enchantments, but a correct combination of them really decide whether they are valuable.

Socket Slots allow gem socketting; enchanting weapons with further enchantments. Claiming Land is as simple as click twice. Players will start with claim blocks, and accrue claim blocks per hour active. You will never have to feel like your builds are not protected if they are claimed. If they are not claimed, they are not protected and others can destroy your builds. When you claim land, the land is protected from bedrock to sky.

All players are able to claim land, and it is generously given out. It seems a lot of servers close, or end abruptly after one month. The team building MineSaga has ran servers for over 6 years; and this project is their best. The team is professional, mature and always willing to help.Users online on discord!

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Threads Messages 3, What do you want? Yesterday at PM Harryp0tterjr. Changelogs Want to see what we've been working on recently? Not a problem! This section has a more detailed outlook on some of our most recent updates, including small tweaks, bug fixes, and new content. Threads 50 Messages Changelog April 13th. Monday at PM RR Notices This category is home to valuable resources, guides, and other important information that you may need at some point.Mob grinders are the last part of a mob farm and are used to kill mobs in massive amounts while also collecting all dropped items at a convenient location.

They are a mechanism and can be considered a special type of trap. Mob grinders are sometimes specific to a certain size of the mob. Tall mobs usually refer to tall hostile mobs, namely skeletons, zombies, and creepers, but can also refer to zombie pigmen. Therefore, they are often omitted when someone says 'all mobs'.

Mob grinders will not produce music discs or rare drops as the mob deaths do not meet the conditions for those items. However if built in a particular way the conditions can be favorable to induce such situations, but will require the player to impart minimal input in such instances.

The following are the most common styles of mob grinders. They are efficient and relatively small. A fall damage grinder consists of a mob farm where mobs are spawned and a platform where mobs fall to death.

Different methods can be used to make the mob farm, to push the mobs to fall from a lethal height, and also to retrieve the loot from the mobs. It is one of the easiest models of a mob grinder, requiring resources that are easily obtainable.

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Fall damage is 1 for each block of fall distance after the third. Thus, falling 4 blocks causes 1 damage, 2 damage for 5 blocks, and so forth. Note that zombies have a form of "natural armor" that they spawn with that grants a slight protection bonus.

No automated method, including the combination of falling and suffocation, can bring a zombie anywhere between 0 and 1 HP without killing it, so grinding zombies with the fists will be inefficient. Also, if skeletons or zombies spawn with Feather Falling boots, the same issues will take place. A Strength beacon will likely take care of this though. Lava tends to destroy drops, but this can be avoided by suspending the end of a lava stream on a ladder or forcing mobs to the termination point of a lava stream.

Ladders and signs are considered solid blocks by liquids but empty blocks by mobs or players. Also, consider using water to drown mobs to ensure that no drops will be lost. The canals from the mob farm send mobs into this final water channel. The mobs are forced into the chest-high lava blade. The same water that drags the mobs into the lava also pushed the drops into a collection point.

Combine with a final perpendicular-flow water current to deliver all items to a single tile, on which a wooden pressure plate may be placed and attached to redstone torches or lamps to indicate the availability of items.

Alternately, the stream can empty the items into a hopper connected to a chest, or a further item sorting system for retrieval at the player's leisure. Endermen do not pick up stone or cobblestoneso the player does not have to worry about them ruining the system of spawning the mobs.

This dispenses lava for a short period of time to the mobs which catch them on fire and "soften" them so the player can kill them with 1 or 2 hits. This trap consists of a piston that pushes a mob under a sticky piston.A minisagamini saga or mini-saga is a short story based on a long story. It should contain exactly 50 words, plus a title of up to 15 characters. However, the title requirement is not always enforced and sometimes eliminated altogether. Minisagas are alternately known as microstoriesultra-shorts storiesor fifty-word stories.

Minisagas are used in business, as an educational tool, [1] a creative outlet, and a source of entertainment. They are not poems, but rather "bite-sized lessons for life and business".

They often attempt to be funny or surprising. Below is an example by author Daniel H. Pink : [3]. When I was shot, fear seized me at first. No surprise that. But once I realized I wasn't going to die — despite the thermonuclear pain and widening puddle of weirdly warm blood — my mind recalibrated.

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And one thought, comforting yet disturbing, leapt into my head: I need to Tweet this. There is a limited publishing market for minisagas, but minisaga contests are sometimes held by various publishers or websites, and a dedicated market for "word stories" exists at FiftyWordStories. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Narrative of exactly fifty words. Novels portal. British Council.

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minesaga wiki

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This article about a literary genre is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.This page seeks to teach you how to clone items and blocks without building a separate farm for them, in vanilla Survival mode.

It can be treated as an "everything farm," since it can "farm" things that can't normally be farmed, like diamondsdragon eggs and other non-renewable blocks. Note that these techniques are considered "cheating" by many people and Mojang tries to remove the ability to duplicate in Survival during almost every update.

On some servers, these techniques are bannable offenses. The best way to duplicate a block is to turn it into an item first, then duplicate the item. However, there are other ways to duplicate the blocks themselves, though they only work for certain blocks. Shulker boxes make item duplication much easier because they allow for up to 1, items to be cloned at once including the shulker box. Duplicating items and blocks can be very useful. For example, let's say you wanted to obtain enormous amounts of glass or sand.

Going into a desert and mining it yourself is extremely time-consuming, so a sand duplicator can be very useful. If you wanted to break a lot of bedrock using this techniquethe player can build a dragon egg duplicator to create more dragon eggs.

Custom Enchantments

Dragon Egg Bedrock removing is fixed in newer versions, the Dragon Egg becomes decorational. This method is a simple method and has been around since the beginning of the Alpha stage. This method involves dropping the items you want to duplicate, and then saving and quitting. Then relaunch the game and reload the world. The items should be duplicated. This method is extremely deadly, but not necessarily to the player.

This method involves taking a mob that can carry items e. Using extremely precise timing, kill that mob as it travels through an end portal. The items equipped and the mob should appear in the other dimension.

It works by tricking the game into thinking the mob is alive on one end of the portal and dead on the other side. The live mob will travel through the portal still carrying the items, and the dead mob's items are also sent into the portal, allowing the player at the other end to collect the cloned items and the mob carrying them.

This method exploits the fact that zombies can transform into drowned while they are dying. If you coax a zombie to pick up an item by throwing one at it and then kill it right at the moment that it converts to a drowned, the zombie will die and drop what it was holding but the newly spawned drowned will be holding a duplicate of the item.

This can also work with husks transforming into zombies. When you overflow chunk memory, you will be able to freeze chunk. What this means is that changes on this chunk will not be saved and after loading it again it will return to the previous state.

The best way to do this is to create books filled with about fifty pages of random Unicode characters and put it in a chest. There are mods for doing this automatically, but you can also do it manually by copying and pasting.

You will need two different types of books for this to work.

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Get 22 books filled with random characters, name them "X" and 21 same books but with other characters, name them "Y". Reload chunk by reconnecting to the world if you are on singleplayer or going blocks away and returning if you are on multiplayer. Take out the items you wanted to duplicate into your inventory or put them in a chest at the other chunk. Now you have your item s in the chest and in your inventory.

Books in a second chest are just like in [4]. This method will save the chunk. Then, your items will reappeared in barrel and the books will reverted into this pattern in the chest above the barrel:. There are numerous timing-related ways to duplicate items.Chunks are the method used by the world generator to divide maps into manageable pieces.

Chunks are 16 blocks wide, 16 blocks long, and blocks high, which is 65, blocks total. Chunks are generated around players when they first enter the world. As they wander around the world, new chunks are generated as needed. Chunks are generated with the help of the map seedwhich means that the chunks are always the same if you would use the same seed again, as long as the map generator and version number remain the same. Since Minecraft worlds are "infinite" and contain an extreme amount of chunks, the game loads only certain chunks in order to make the game playable.

Each load ticket has 3 properties: Level, Ticket type and optionally Time to Live. Load levels range from 22 to 44 in regular gameplay while only 22 to 33 are relevant. Technically, lower load levels than 22 are possible but not without a modded game. Load levels above 44 are not possible. Not all loaded chunks have the same properties and are divided into 4 load types.

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This excludes unloaded chunks. Load levels "propagate" or flow from source chunk with a ticket to neighboring chunks, but each time it increases its level by 1 until the maximum of 44 is reached. Ticket created by player. It has a level of 31 so its propagation can be seen in the table above.

minesaga wiki

Ticket created by using the forceload command. It has level of 31 so its propagation can be seen in the table above.

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Ticket created by the world spawn for the chunk it is located at " spawn chunks ". It has a level of 22, the lowest in the game. They are active whenever the player is in the overworld and are otherwise permanently active.

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Ticket created when an entity is teleported through nether portalgiven to chunk at the other side of the portal. It expires after game ticks without lag equivalent to 15 seconds.

Because they are created each time an entity passes through the portal, it is possible to create a "chunk loader", but it can create lag. Ticket created at the start of the battle with ender dragon and is given to the 0,0 chunk the one with exit portal. It has level of Ticket created when entity is teleported either by going through the end portal and using teleport or spreadplayers commands.

For the teleport command, it has level of 32 whereas for the spreadplayers and end portal it has level of Ticket created when an arbitrary piece of game code calls "getChunk". If the game code says the chunk should be loaded, it places this ticket on that chunk after possibly creating it.

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The load level depends on what kind of chunk the game attempts to load a fully world-generated chunk or not. It is at least 33 borderbut in many cases, it could beyond 33, which involves world-generation in some way. As an example, when generic mob wandering AI is executing, it asks if a certain block has a solid top surface.

As part of that check, that chunk has an "unknown" ticket with level 33 placed on it.Users online on discord!

End Portal Frame

Click to join our official discord server! Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Please note, to apply for staff you need to be at least 13 years old. I will be online at least 1 Hour per day. Yes, I do. It is non-Minecraft though. I held that discord server for about 2 weeks long and due to loss of players, I had to close it down.

I learnt to set up rules and roles to people and my teammates, and we helped a lot with new gamers. Firstly, I like helping people. Helping new members or answering questions is a fun thing to me.

GETTING SETUP ON SKYBLOCK - MineSaga Space Realm llama88g.fun

I enjoy the time helping others. Secondly, I've been playing on Minesaga for almost one year, and all I haven't tried is being a staff, it would be a great change to my way of playing on Minesaga. Thirdly, Sometimes I see other members that are spamming or saying something racism, I just so wanted to mute them. Keeping the chat clean can help improve the experience others playing on Minesaga.

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Being toxic is not a good thing so I'd rather be a good player in Minesaga. I seldom gets mad too, just don't cross my line and I'll be good to everyone.

minesaga wiki

Okay, Thank you for your suggestion. Eliteepic22 Member.

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