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When Olympus introduced the original Micro Four Thirds PEN E-P1 almost 4 years ago in Juneit was the first mirrorless interchangeable lens camera to adopt a compact, 'rangefinder-style' body that made no pretence to look like an SLR. It also saw the company striking out in a direction it's followed ever since - designing attractive yet capable little cameras that consciously draw on its long-running film camera heritage.

It includes many of the features that made the E-M5 such a compelling package, such as the same 16MP MOS sensor, advanced '5-axis' in-body image stabilization now with automatic panning detection9 fps continuous shooting, and tilting rear touch screen. One key change compared to previous E-Px models is a rearrangement of the controls - gone are the thumb roller and tiny rear dial, replaced by 'proper' front and rear dials that protrude horizontally from the top plate.

The E-P5 features what Olympus calls a '2x2' dial interface: a small lever on the back of the camera switches these dials from controlling exposure parameters to changing ISO and white balance. If you don't like this arrangement, the lever can be customized to a couple of other options described later in this review. This is aided by the addition of an ISO equivalent 'LOW' setting, although this will likely come at the expense of some highlight clipping.

The E-P5 also offers a fast startup time of just 0. In traditional Olympus fashion the E-P5 gets a few new features compared to previous models. There's a 'Super-spot AF' mode that allows extremely precise positioning of the AF point when using magnified live view, very much like the one seen on recent Panasonic models.

It gains timed intervalometer shooting, along with the ability to assemble time-lapse movies in-camera. The Live Bulb mode, that allows you to monitor the progress of long exposures while the shutter is open, now features an on-screen histogram to help monitor exposure build-up.

The image stabilization system is also now always active by default, to provide a stabilized live view feed especially useful when using telephoto lenses. This is essentially an extension of Art Filters, allowing you to generate multi-image composites rather like the pages of a photo book, in a wide variety of themes.

It may not be something enthusiast photographers will use all the time, and arguably better suited to lower-end PEN models, but it's good to see Olympus continuing to come up with new ideas. The E-P5 comes in three colour schemes; black, silver and white. The all-black version that we've shown in this review has a textured matte finish which we expect will be appreciated by street photographers - it looks particularly fine when coupled with the black versions of the M.

Zuiko Digital 17mm Zuiko Digital 45mm Zuiko Digital ED 75mm The camera also comes in a very handsome silver-and-black finish that harks back to Olympus's classic cameras from the s and '70s, and a white version with a beige grip. Olympus will also be offering a limited edition model with a wooden grip, and a range of premium accessories such as leather cases.

The E-P5 will be available either body-only for approx. Zuiko Digital mm Zuiko Digital 17mm F1. Hi all Pen E-P5 users I recently bought this camera with firmware 1. Anyone done this before? Cheers and happy shooting.

p5 ed

I recently picked up this camera from my local bricks and mortar camera store.Your question may be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who purchased this item, who are all part of the Amazon community. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question.

Please enter a question. The flagship PEN body that delivers that delivers a portable, premium quality experience. The flagship PEN body that delivers a portable, premium quality experience. Exacting attention was given to materials, form, texture and color. The body was designed to be seamless; no external fasteners can be seen on the sides, front or top of the body. Form and operability of dials, levers and buttons are positioned for optimal ease-of-use and comfort.

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Use prime lenses at their maximum aperture allowing you to capture beautifully defocused background images even in very bright daylight. This maximum sync speed gives you greater flexibility choosing the correct exposure settings when shooting outdoors in bright of back-lit conditions where fill flash on your subject is desirable.

T Frequency Acceleration Sensor Technology AF System is able to focus at an incredible speed and offers 35 separate focus areas that are spread over the image area. Four different AF area sizes can be selected - the smallest of which makes pin-point AF accuracy possible on even the smallest of macro subjects.

Selectable 3x3 groups within the 35 areas are especially effective when you need to match the AF area pattern to your particular subject. And with a time lag of only 0. Battery consumption will increase and the number of shots that can be taken reduced by about 60 shots CIPA standard. While the new IS-Auto mode detects both vertical and horizontal panning and automatically deactivates image stabilization on the panning axis.

IS-Auto will allow you to make spectacular panning photos of a speedy car. In addition, it can be activated by pressing the shutter button halfway, so you can also use it to stabilize the viewfinder or LCD image and obtain a crisp, clear view of your subject that makes it easy to frame and compose your shots.

Improvements to the sensitivity and read-out speed of the existing sensor makes shooting and Full HD movie recording possible. The faster processor also allows for a shorter recovery time between shots. WiFi Connectivity Get connected instantly. O Share SmartPhone app. Select images you want to share, add them to your share list, and quickly and easily send images with the touch of a single button. Using the Olympus I. Share smartphone app you can preview your composition, choose the AF point and release the shutter; perfect for tripod and self-portrait shooting.

Share's private connection. Share to your camera. Photo Story You can easily create a combination of photos by selecting one of four themes. Each theme allows you to create a photo story of a certain flair with just a single touch.

Choose Standard to capture three images in single layout to tell a story. Art Filters and Variations Twelve in-camera Art Filters are enhanced by new filter variations, art effects and bracketing.

Photographers can use Art Filters in all shooting modes as well as when shooting HD movies. Also, the E-P5 now features the Monochrome Art Filter Effect, where the Picture Tone effect can change the color from normal monotone to sepia, blue, purple, and green. RAW Development with Art Filter Bracketing If you can't make up your mind about choosing a filter, you can use the Art Filter Bracketing function to generate multiple pictures with Art Filters with a single shot and then view them as a slideshow.It offers solid image quality, including enhanced 4D capabilities and an extensive portfolio of transducers to help you take your patient care to a high level.

LOGIQ P5 provides flexible, advanced productivity and connectivity features to help expand equipment usage. Other workflow features include:. A configurable reporting package allows hard copy images or reports to be printed on any networked printer. Storage flexibility allows exams to be saved as Mpeg files for offline analysis on a PC. LOGIQ P5 is a lightweight ultrasound system that maneuvers easily and fits well in small exam rooms or at the bedside.

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Our expert team of educators and ultrasound Clinical Application Specialists are committed to helping you provide better patient care on a daily basis through our high performance education programs. Learn more.

Count on GE to help optimize the performance of your vital ultrasound assets.

p5 ed

Our maintenance service offerings all deliver one thing—confidence. GE's advanced transducer technology helps provide exceptional image quality and is available in a broad range of transducers designed to meet the needs of your specialty. Learn more about our transducer offering and transducer care. Manage patient information, report data, and images in one flexible and intuitive IT solution.

If you are not a member, consider joining today to begin taking advantage of these outstanding tools. Prev Next. Accessible quality imaging. Workflow made easy. Raw Data allows data to be stored early in the image chain for optimum flexibility during post-processing and analysis.

Patient data storage. Scanning conveniences. LOGIQ P5 is designed to help you work more ergonomically, with features including: Full-sized keyboard, hot keys, and user-defined keys. Convenient storage drawer.

Lightweight and portable. Excellent versatility. Related Downloads There are no Downloads defined. Simple, streamlined workflow at your fingertips.

You're invited to join the club.Dear all, Yes, real unfortunate thing happened but, this is the case where and when - I can do nothing. I'm absolutely sure that there is no way back to it due to several reasons, including recent changes in political life of N.

Of course I'm going to keep my rig with me wherever I go and be in touch. For the "final", many thanks to all HAM's worldwide, you all made my life much easier and better, and my deepest appreciation for all your support. Wish you all - best of luck in our hobby and have a good "hunting"!

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Questions about Archiware, P5 or Pure? Have an Archiware expert call you to discuss! Book your call now! All modules can be combined to create multiple-step security concepts to achieve maximum data protection. Archiware P5 secures data to disk, tape and cloud and has integrations with numerous partners. P5 Companion is a desktop application for Windows, macOS and Linux that allows files from local or shared storage to be archived and restored by simple drag-and-drop operations.

Data is archived and restored via communication with a P5 Server running the P5 Archive software. P5 Archive is able to archive files to either disk storage, LTO tape or to one of a variety of cloud storage platforms. Now both are available in this license bundle. Profit from proven longevity and affordability of LTO media.

Request a trial license within the software for a fully featured day free test of all modules with your existing infrastructure. P5 Version 6. Disk, Tape or Cloud? It's your choice with Archiware P5! See the video. P5 Archive.

Migrate data offline to disk, LTO tape or cloud storage. P5 Backup. Back up server data to disk, LTO tape and cloud. P5 Synchronize. Replicate data to ensure high availability.

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p5 ed

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